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   "At Peaceful Gardens, it’s always growing season."

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Peaceful gardens is a community oriented year round food self-sufficiency program specializing in growing organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts and wheat grass.  The only way today, we can protect ourselves from the increasingly deleterious effects of the food supplied through our "normal" food distribution channels and guarantee our foods are not pesticided, irradiated, herbicided, or GMO is to grow our own food.  The physical centerpiece of the project is a 51-foot geodesic dome growing space that will produce healthy organic food even in this coldest winter months.  In addition to the growing dome, there will be external gardens, a fruit orchard, and a root cellar.  In the winter months, we will harvest our food directly from the dome and the crops stored in the root cellar.

  • Food Self-sufficiency
  • Grow the highest nutrient/energy quality food possible utilizing organic & natural farming techniques such as green composting; rock dust & concentrated sea water for remineralization of soil; worm castings, effective micro-organisms (naturally occurring aerobic microbes), and bokashi ferments for additional enhancement of naturally occurring soil micro-organisms.  We will practice organic disease and pest control, crop rotation techniques, cover crop strategies for soil nutrient supplements and companion planting techniques for maximum food production.
  • Improve our health by gradually shifting both the mix and the quality of the foods we consume.  Enhance this practice by practicing both conscious gardening and conscious eating practices.
  • Collect and store seeds from part of our harvest for future plantings.
  • Teach others in our community who are interested in how to become food self-sufficient.
Participation in Peaceful Gardens Project:
  • There will be a monthly fee of $60. per person to cover operating expenses.  We will hold this fee for one year and evaluate revenue vs. operating expenses to see if we need an adjustment.
  • Each participant will work one day a week in the gardens as part of the learning/self-sufficiency program and will harvest their food at this time.  Over a two-year period each participant will have worked every assignment in the program and have full experiential knowledge of all aspects of our food self-sufficiency program.
  • Each participant will take on the responsibility of “knowledge expert” in one key aspect of our growing operations.  This could be green composting, soil remineralization, organic pest control etc.  This will require some research and writing for our operations manual for Peaceful Gardens as well as being the “go to” person for this particular issue.

If you would like to discuss participating in this enterprise as a fellow Peaceful Gardener, please contact me.
Paul/Peaceful Gardener

(406) 212-9793 or paul@peacefulgardens.net

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